Fashion vs Style

e5026c3f91a11211d35d1c420cb6dfd4Fashion says “Me too”, style says “Only me”.

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear a current trend if you really like it- but don’t be afraid to step out and be a little different either! You can also wear a current trend in a different way, or mix and match current styles with your own. If you bought floral pants just because they are in style and not because you absolutely fell in love with them, then you may want to reconsider being yourself with your fashion choices.


Lindsey Stirling “Stars Align” Music Video

Lindsey Stirling is such an inspiration! She was once told on America’s Got Talent (or one of those shows) that she was not good enough, she wouldn’t make it- so she went to YouTube and made it on her own. She taught herself to dance, and she wrote this song herself.

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