About Me

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I’m a queer, kinky, geeky artist and musician. I’ve been playing violin and singing for over 20 years, and I’ve recently discovered the perfect niche of combining my music and art skills with my geeky and kinky interests. I’m working on expanding my home business to include all this.

Be sure to check out:

Featured Artists

I’ve had the privilege of meeting and sometimes working on projects with incredibly talented people. I want to share their amazing talents with you!

Jedi Kittens Etsy Store

I create jewelry, clay figurines, and much more. I specialize in making custom pieces, particularly kinky or geeky themes. My store will also have items made by other talented artists, so check it out regularly to see what’s new!

Jedi Kittens on YouTube

Watch me play my violin while smacking cute butts with my bow! Or, listen to me tell you about how funny my cats are. You may also see tutorials on how to make super awesome crafting stuff. You never really know what I might record and post on there. Could be anything.

Laura’s Event Music

I more than a decade of experience playing for weddings and other professional events. I can be a violinist in leather and chains, or wear a conservative black dress and long wig for very traditional events. I love to dress up, so I can work with whatever theme you want. You can also be assured of my discretion; most of my past experience was in conservative settings.

I’m also a professional freelance writer with many years of experience. If you would like to hire myself or someone in my freelancing agency (currently in development but we are available for writing and graphic design work), please see my work profile.


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