Oversheltered- Even From The Evil Disney.

Ariel from The Little Mermaid singing “Part of Your World”:
Thing song reminds me of myself as an over-sheltered girl, looking out at the rest of the world… non-religious music and books, body positivity, LGBTQ, sex positivity, BDSM… and so much more. I tried to convince myself that I liked the strict rules and shame, or that at least they were necessary and I OUGHT to be GRATEFUL for them- but deep down I felt like Ariel, longing to freely explore another world. A world where I decided what my destiny would be, rather than having it decided for me by those who did not honour my individuality.

My parents had an edited version of this movie for me as a young child- all the scenes with the witch and eels were taped over because they were “witchcraft”. I didn’t see the whole thing through until my teens; I was surprised and embarrassed to find out that there was a witch in the story. I had Ariel’s songs all memorized, but had no idea there was a witch. Awkwarddddddd as a 14 year old babysitting kids who thought I was so stupid for not knowing about the witch.
Being over-sheltered led to a lot of embarrassing moments with my peers and likely helped develop my anxiety disorder.

It’s rather ironic… my parents edited a movie about a young girl reaching out for information and freedom. It does not surprise me that my mom does not like the new Disney movies Brave or Frozen, and she likely doesn’t care much for Moanna’s messages of bucking tradition and parental authority either.


I love my parents and I know they wanted the best for me, but come on. Editing a Disney movie so I wouldn’t have even the slightest exposure to non-Christian ideologies? I was not allowed to watch Aladdin, The Lion King, Sword in the Stone, and many other Disney movies or mainstream films that had magical or other themes that contradicted their very narrow beliefs. And ohhh boy we were NOT allowed to watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame! lol.

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