Don’t hate me… but when I was a young teenager Britney Spears was my empowering music.

No, seriously.

I was a petite blonde who was raised in an extremely conservative home. Britney Spears was absolutely forbidden fruit, as was looking remotely like her. But I secretly wanted to. She could wear revealing clothes without shame, she was sexual and aggressive, and her music made something inside of me squirm (*gasp* I was horny!!).

Why? Because I was desperately starved to see a strong, independent woman who embraced her sexuality as a positive thing. The only place I found that was in music like Britney Spears’. Call it a sad reflection on a puritanical society, but this was my introduction and only outlet for sensuality and freedom for several years. It was my spark of hope that someday I could be as free and open as she was.

And then there were songs like this that summed my teenage angst so well:

This was one of the songs that I listened to in my headphones on a CD I’d burned in secret at my friend’s house. It was among my favorite music videos to watch when I knew my parents wouldn’t know. I had elaborate fantasies of singing like Britney; dreams of being unashamed of my body and sexuality. In my world the only way I could be free was in the privacy of my own mind, and in music. I could close my eyes and imagine doing all the things I could never do in real life. I could let go- and Britney was a part of that journey for me.

I’m realizing how much kink has been a part of my life. I mean she’s even got a riding crop in the above video; I was barely 14 when I was drooling over this. I loved dominant women before I even knew that such a term existed. I wanted to be like her before I knew what a Domme was. (Sometimes it’s fun to revisit childhood favorites and pick out all the blatant signs that I was always kinky! Lol)

So when I hear people bash Britney it bothers me. She’s an amazing dominant woman whose music inspired me to explore my own sexuality and female dominance. I watch this video and I want to make my own video cover about all the awful men I’ve dealt with- but in a very sexy way. I’m thinking it would be fun to be a Domme who has men tied up in a rope suspension as she sings this to them and smacks them around. Thoughts? 😉 (I’d have to have someone experienced do the actual rope work.)

There are many female pop stars who get a lot of flack for their open sensuality and the music they play. Sure, some of it is silly and overdone and makes me want to gag, but many of these artists are actually very talented and I admire them a lot.

Say what you want about these women, but Lady Gaga got a bunchy of manly ‘SS officers’ to do sissy dance walking (at 5:45 in this video). And she had a machine gun bra. I mean seriously, LIFE GOALS PEOPLE!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!


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