Why Your Dick Profile Pics Are a Turn-off.

I’ve seen a lot of dicks. I’ve fucked a lot of dicks. And while I do love to play with a nice hard-on, I’m not really interested in looking at a stranger’s penis unless I’m attracted to them or it’s being used to fuck someone and I get to watch (yay porn!) I’m much more interested in actually having a cock “handy” to do things with- and unless you’ve sufficiently earned my trust and comfort, that ain’t gonna happen.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with dick pics. I like it when a guy (or anyone else with a penis) is confident enough to have a photo or two of their junk among their other naughty pictures photos. It’s certainly not necessary, but they can be very sexy if it’s someone I am interested in. Even if I’m not personally attracted to the person, I don’t care if those pictures are in their photo section. It’s just bodies, after all.

But I don’t like it when they’re a profile photo because then it’s the first thing I see when a new person messages me. When a random stranger messages me with their dick pic in my face, my usual mental response is probably the exact opposite what most of these men are hoping for. Why?

There’s a lot to be said for leaving a little mystery.

Leave those shots in your photo album where I can browse for them if I find you interesting enough to want to see more. Don’t make it the first thing I see when I open your message; let me look for it if I’m feeling the chemistry. Trust me, if a girl is really into you and you have a dick pic among your photos, she will look at it and probably fantasize about you fucking her with it.

A dick must come with a person who is at least somewhat attractive to me.

Otherwise what am I fantasizing about? It’s rather ridiculous how many dick pics have no body or face pics to go with them. I’m not going to fantasize about a floating penis penetrating my vagina. I have my dildo for that. At least my dildo vibrates.

What if you do have other photos of yourself and I’m just not attracted to you? That is a risk you take, but it’s the same risk you take when you try to seduce someone in person- if the rest of you isn’t creating the right chemistry, then what you’ve got in your pants is not of interest to me either.

Unless the person you’re messaging is interested in sexting with strangers that they wouldn’t fuck in person, you’re not going to change this situation just because you’re messaging them online.

A lone dick doth not good sex make.

A dick by itself is not very impressive for me, regardless of size. Good PIV sex requires a LOT more than just a hard cock- seductive kissing, foreplay, using your hands, trust, the right chemistry… without all that, your penis isn’t any better than my dildo. A random photo of your penis tells me nothing about what you can do with it. It’s what you can do with it that releases the floodgates in my panties… or makes me drier than the Sahara.

Dick pics are often lacking in photo attractiveness.

Think of the lighting, the angles, the pixel quality! If you want your dick to look good, then at least take a decent photo of it.

In Conclusion:

A cock’s proper place is in my pussy, making me squeal and act like a whore while you fuck me in all the right ways. It should be shooting cum in me so it drips out while I’m lying on the bed gasping for breath after a mind blowing orgasm. THEN I will be drooling over those dick photos as I masturbate later.

If you’re a random guy on the internet, what I just described ain’t gonna happen for you. I don’t play with strangers, and talking online does not negate your stranger status. Come to events and get to know me as a friend, and if the connection is right MAYBE we can talk about your dick in my pussy. But it’s not likely because I’m a very selective slut, so don’t show up with expectations and then get upset if my pussy gates are not opened to you. I’m a genie in a bottle, you must rub me the right way. Throwing your dick at me does not count.

So put away your dick profile pics. You want me to want to drool over your dick? Then make me want you first. If I want you, then your cock will be like gold for me. If I don’t want you, then I couldn’t care less about what’s in your pants because you’ll never get near enough to fuck me with it.

End rant.

Note: This is not intended to be judgmental to anyone on my friends list who may choose to have a dick profile pic. This note was inspired by the many messages I get from random men online who seem to think that messaging me with their penises in my face will make me less likely to immediately delete their messages. These general concepts may or may not apply to people of other gender combinations too; this is just my rant based on my personal experiences and irritations, which in this case involves men with penises.


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