Very Geeky Erotica

His fingers traced lightly over her misty mountains as she squirmed in her bonds on the bed. He loved to explore her crevices; her body was an exciting adventure that even the bravest of hobbits had not yet explored, and he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to return home.

But what he really wanted was between her legs. The sweet scent of her moist Chamber of Secrets called to him. His wand was hard and pulsing, ready for a magical encounter that only she could give. He mental rehearsed his Leviosa pronunciation in case nervousness caused his wand to droop.

He slid a finger inside her, noting that her dripping pussy was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. It would be just barely large enough to accommodate his throbbing sonic screwdriver.

She squirmed in anticipation. Her arousal was driving her crazy. “Help me, Obi Won Kenobi! You’re my only hope for a decent orgasm!” He chuckled and pushed his fingers deeper, pressing against her G spot and making her gasp with pleasure. But his lightsaber wouldn’t be satisfied with finger play for long; her holes were begging to be filled. “I love your cock!” she moaned. “I know,” he murmured, hard as carbonite.

He flipped her over so she was in a doggie position, her hands still cuffed in front of her. He pulled out a golden cock ring which was beautifully decorated in a mysterious ancient script, though strangely it was only visible when his cock was warm from intense arousal. He slid it on, then teased the edge of her hobbit hole with his hard wizard’s walking stick, growling with his lustful intent as she pressed her body closer to his. “You are mine, little hobbit. Your holes are all mine.” He thrust deep inside of her moist opening and her cries of pleasure soon drowned out all other thoughts.

(This is intentionally very cheesy and silly, in case you couldn’t tell. :P)


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