A Gorgeous Model Worked The Runway At Fashion Week. You May Notice Something Different About Her.

danielle-shaypuk-new-york-fashion-week-model-in-wheelchair-38842518a38ec3ce91b1b4ae6dea6321I think it’s wonderful for women who don’t fit society’s “perfect” standard to be models. Women are not all the same- and few, if any, women embody this perfect standard naturally anyways. Most of what we are actually looking up to is photoshop and makeup. Now don’t get me wrong- there’s nothing wrong with being skinny or “fitting the mold”, but that shouldn’t be the only thing we see in the media and runway shows. Women can be creative with their fashion choices and look damn good no matter what their body type or size. 🙂

“In an ideal world, the people who model clothes will be relatable to us. In that case, fashion designer Carrie Hammer made her debut at New York Fashion Week by hitting it out of the park. She featured Danielle Sheypuk, who Hammer calls a role model, in her runway show.”



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